Vague addresses - 20% without house numbers in Bukit Selambau

20% voters in Bukit Selambau are registered WITHOUT house numbers. The largest such address with blank house numbers has 339 voters. One DM has 90% voters WITHOUT house number.

SPR voter roll data are highly unspecific, making it difficult to verify voter existence, which leaves an opening for electoral frauds and the introduction of phantom voters:

  1. This article will show that many voters are registered by SPR without recording their specific address house numbers (the situation even worse in Batang Air, to be discussed in a later article),
  2. The next blog will show that, even when house numbers are registered, a large number of voters are registered without their specific street names (eg, Jalan 11) even in a modern housing estates, with the SPR recording only the name of the general housing area (eg, Taman Mewah).

This issue is similar to the "blank house number" issue discussed in:

Table A shows that
  • 20.4% of 35,140 voters, or 7,163, in Bukit Selambau (N25 of Kedah, under P014 Merbok) are registered on SPR voters roll without house number (NoRumah).
Table A: P014 Merbok N25 Bukit Selambau 200902 By-Election
Percentage of voters with blank NoRumah by DUN, excluding postal voters
parl/DUN/DMNamaDUN Count of
voters without
house number
Count of votersPercent
014/25/15Bukit Selambau 7,163 35,12520.4%
Postal voters

All voters


Table B shows that, in Bukit Selambau,
  • 12 localities or addresses have over 200 voters registered without house number (blank NoRumah data field).
  • 6 of them have over 300 voters.
  • An example is the 339 voters live in 014/25/03/003 but without house number, ie, Merbok/Bukit Selambau/Bukit Lembu/Ladang Sungai Getah/[blank house number]
  • We have "cleaned up" the house number (NoRumah) data field, because SPR has been inconsistent with house number format, such as using "" blanks, "Null", "Nil", "Tiada", or "-" to represent the same thing.
Table B: P014 Merbok N25 Bukit Selambau 200902 By-Election
List of voters in large unique addresses with BLANK HOUSE NUMBER (NoRumah), with 200 or more voters in one unique address without NoRumah

Voter countparl/DUN /DM /lokalitiN25 Bukit Selambau NamaDMNamaLokalitiNoRumah Cleaned
339014/25/03/003Bukit LembuLadang Sungai Getah
317014/25/03/004Bukit LembuLadang Sungkap Para
315014/25/01/002Kuala SinKampong Perak
312014/25/03/001Bukit LembuLadang Bukit Lembu Kongsi Enam
307014/25/01/001Kuala SinKg Kuala Sin
302014/25/02/003Kampung SungkapKampong Sungkap
247014/25/15/002Petani ParaLdg Patani Para Sg Patani
230014/25/04/002Taman Bandar BaruLadang Sg Tok Pawang Div 2
218014/25/18/001Kampung Pokok MachangKg Pokok Machang
216014/25/16/002Bukit RusaSelambau Div14 U P Est Sg Patani
215014/25/20/002Titi PanjangKg Pantai Chichar
212014/25/16/001Bukit RusaBukit Rusa Estate

Table C shows that, in N25 Bukit Selambau of Kedah (under P014 Merbok):
  • 5 out of 22 DMs (Daerah Mengundi, voting district) have more than 80% of voters registered WITHOUT house numbers (NoRumah),
  • The highest rate is at 014/25/15 or Merbok/Bukit Selambau/Petani Para, with over 90% blank house numbers.
  • 8/22 DMs have over half of voters registered without house numbers.
  • In the next blog entry, we will see that even those DMs with low rate of blank house number are problematic!
  • We will see that, for example, Taman Bandar Baru (014/25/04, more than 1/2) and Taman Peruda (014/25/11, more than 1/3 voters) contain a large number of voters registered with house number, but without specific street names (eg Jalan 1)!
  • So SPR has published voter roll that despite looking good in table C below, is making voters difficult to trace and verify (see next blog entry).
Table C: P014 Merbok N25 Bukit Selambau 200902 By-Election
Percentage of voters with blank NoRumah by DM

parl/DUN /DMNamaDUNN25 Bukit Selambau
Count of voters
without house number
Count of
014/25/15Bukit SelambauPetani Para 324 35990.3%
014/25/18Bukit SelambauKampung Pokok Machang 599 69686.1%
014/25/19Bukit SelambauBatu Belachan 657 78583.7%
014/25/02Bukit SelambauKampung Sungkap 496 60082.7%
014/25/03Bukit SelambauBukit Lembu 993 1,22381.2%
014/25/01Bukit SelambauKuala Sin 646 83177.7%
014/25/20Bukit SelambauTiti Panjang 796 1,05875.2%
014/25/16Bukit SelambauBukit Rusa 451 66767.6%
014/25/17Bukit SelambauPekan Bukit Selambau 625 1,98631.5%
014/25/14Bukit SelambauUnited Petani 196 97320.1%
014/25/05Bukit SelambauSungai Lalang 355 1,98617.9%
014/25/07Bukit SelambauBandar Laguna Merbok 117 97112.0%
014/25/10Bukit SelambauJalan Badlishah 94 79611.8%
014/25/06Bukit SelambauTaman Desa Aman 206 2,5148.2%
014/25/04Bukit SelambauTaman Bandar Baru 284 4,1796.8%
014/25/09Bukit SelambauAir Menideh 90 1,6955.3%
014/25/21Bukit SelambauAmbangan Height 28 6474.3%
014/25/11Bukit SelambauTaman Peruda 54 1,9362.8%
014/25/08Bukit SelambauTasek Apong 27 1,3632.0%
014/25/13Bukit SelambauTaman Ria Jaya 87 5,1221.7%
014/25/12Bukit SelambauTaman Ria Utara 20 2,2440.9%
014/25/22Bukit SelambauTaman Ria Selatan 18 2,4940.7%
TotalExcluding postal
7,163 35,12520.4%

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