Understanding P059 - Bukit Gantang Parliamentary Seat, Perak

Where is P059 Bukit Gantang? What do the maps look like? How many postal and non-postal voters are there now? How have voters there voted?
P059, or the parliamentary seat Bukit Gantang of Perak, is located south and west of Taiping. Of the three state assembly seats (DUN), N13 is a sea side estuary famous for its crab and seafood, hence the name Kuala (river mouth) and Sapetang (crabs). Trong is the smallest (in voter count), yet the largest (in area). WikiMapia.org map view of Bukit Gantang and satellite-map-hybrid view.

Table A shows that in P036, the Bukit Gantang parliamentary constituency:

  • there are 3 DUNs or state assembly seats: N13 Kuala Sapetang, N14 Changkat Jering, and N15 Trong
  • there are 38 DMs, or Daerah Mengundi, voting districts
  • but there are only 32 TM, Tempat Mengundi, or voting stations (because 5 sets of DMs share the same TMs).
  • This means NGOs need 32 observers to station at least one at each place.
  • there are 111 Salurans, or voting streams (rooms), with the most in Changkat Jering.
  • total voters number 55,426 excluding postal voters.
  • There are another 136 postal voters,
  • total voter count is 55,562.
  • Changkt Jering has the most number of voters, nearly 25 thousand.
  • Trong has the smallest number of voters, at 10,743. But it has the largest area, seen from the map below.
Table A: P059 Bukit Gantang 200902 By-Election
Summary of Data By DUN
Parl/DUNNamaDUNDM countTM countSaluran countVoter count
059/13Kuala Sapetang131140 19,722
059/14Changkat Jering111047 24,961
059/15Trong141124 10,743
Total Count33832111 55,426 non-postal voters

136 postal voters
Total including postal voteres

55,562 Total

Tables B and C show that the 136 postal voters are split into:
  • 128 police personnel postal voters at 6 locations, and
  • another 8 absentee, non-police, postal voters.
Table B: P059 Bukit Gantang 200902 By-Election
Count POSTAL Voters By Localities
POLICE voters only

Kodlokaliti NamaDUN NamaDM
NoRumah TM Count
0591305701 Kuala Sapetang Kuala Sapetang
Balai Polis Kuala Sapetang

Pos 31
0591401701 Changkat Jering Pengkalan Aor
Balai Polis Simpang

Pos 28
0591408701 Changkat Jering Changkat Jering
Balai Polis Changkat Jering

Pos 16
0591502701 Trong Pasir Hitam Trong
Balai Polis Pasir Hitam

Pos 9
0591505701 Trong Trong Barat
Balai Polis Trong

Pos 24
0591512701 Trong Padang Gajah
Balai Polis Padang Gajah

Pos 20


Table C: P059 Bukit Gantang 200902 By-Election
Count POSTAL Voters By Localities
Absentee, non-police, postal voters

Kodlokaliti NamaDUN NamaDM
NoRumah TM Count
0591311801 Kuala Sapetang Sungai Mati
Pemilih Tak Hadir
14.411Pos 1
0591401801 Changkat Jering Pengkalan Aor
Pemilih Tak Hadir
48 A Pos 2
0591402801 Changkat Jering Simpang Lama
Pemilih Tak Hadir
75Pos 2
0591404801 Changkat Jering Jalan Simpang
Pemilih Tak Hadir
NO 676 Pos 1
0591406801 Changkat Jering Larut Tin
Pemilih Tak Hadir
179Pos 1
0591408801 Changkat Jering Changkat Jering
Pemilih Tak Hadir
JT 35 Pos 1


Map of parliamentary and state assembly seats.
Source: http://undi.info

Also see map at: WikiMapia.org view of Bukit Gantang

To view voting history, candidate names, and racial breakdown, please see Undi.info at:

P059 Bukit Gantang http://undi.info/ax/state/pr/2008/parliament/P59.html
N13 Kuala Sapetang http://undi.info/ax/state/pr/2008/states/N13/P59.html
N14 Changkat Jering http://undi.info/ax/state/pr/2008/states/N14/P59.html
N15 Trong http://undi.info/ax/state/pr/2008/states/N15/P59.html

Table D: Voting History in P059 Bukit Gantang

PERAK: P59 - Bukit Gantang Voters: 55,471
Party Candidate Votes Majority
UMNO Datuk Azim Zabidi 18,449
PAS Roslan Shaharum 20,0151,566
IND M Morgan 872
Racial Breakdown

Malay: 63.50%, Chinese: 27.10%, Indian: 9.10%, Others: 0.20%


PERAK: P59 - Bukit Gantang Voters: 53,880
Party Candidate Votes Majority
GERAKAN Tan Lian Hoe 16,8468,888
PAS Dr Lo Lo Mohamed Ghazli 10,144
Racial Breakdown

Malay: 62.60%, Chinese: 27.60%, Indian: 9.70%, Others: 0.10%

State Seats / Polling Districts
N13 - Kuala Sapetang

Kamunting Station, Ayer Puteh, Jebong, Simpang Halt, Sapetang, Kampong Port Weld, Sungai Sapetang Kechil, Pekan Port Weld, Jalan Mangala, Kampong Jaha, Sungai Limau, Matang Gelugor, Sungai Mati, Bendang Siam, Changkat Ibol,
N14 - Changkat Jering

Pengkalan Aor, Simpang Lama, Simpang Baru, Kawasan J.k.r, Larut Tin, Jalan Simpang, Ayer Kuning, Changkat, Changkat Jering, Jelutong, Bukit Gantang, Kampong Cheh,
N15 - Trong

Kuala Trong, Pasir Hitam Trong, Kampong Tebok Trong, Trong, Trong Barat, Bukit Gantang Selatan, Sungai Keluang, Ayer Terjun, Kampong Temerloh, Ayer Terjun Tengah, Padang Gajah, Padang Gajah Tengah, Sungai Tinggi, Permatang Raja, Batu Hampar, Sungai Rotan, Sungai Che Rahmat,
Source: http://undi.info

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