Bukit Selambau Changes - 553 additional and 390 deleted voters

In Bukit Selambau, 553 voter ICs were added and 390 voter ICs were deleted after GE12. The most changes took place in a few modern-sounding housing areas. As expected, the largest additions are in the 21-29 age group, and largest deletions in the 71-79 age group.

Is there anything sinister in these data? Not on the 10 police IC number changes. The size of the the roughly 390-550 regular voter changes over the first 3 quarters of 2008 look normal. Only field verification can tell more. Detailed lists of additions/deletions on a voter-by-voter basis are available for field verification.

What do "Additions" and "Deletions" mean? We have a table here that list the categories under each: Supplementary Voter Lists 2008q1 and 2007q4

Table A shows that, in Bukit Selambau (N25 under P014 Merbok), between 2007 Dec 31 (gazetted on 2008 Feb 5 for GE12) and 2008 Sep 30 (gazetted on 2009 Feb 19? for by-election):

  • Overall, it looks like 553 voters were added and 390 deleted.
  • In reality, 10 of these additions and deletions are "illusions." These are 10 police personnel who remained, only having their IC numbering changed,
  • These are examples of actual pairs of changed police IC in Bukit Selambau: R0075654>RF75654; RT007366>RFT7366; R0107927>RF107927; R0102805>RF102805
  • Another 2 police voters actually retired or moved out, and were really deleted,
  • Non-police voter additions totaled 543 during the 3 quarters, and deletions totaled 378,
  • The net change was 163 additional voters over 3 quarters, increasing the total voter count to 35,140.
Table A: P014N25 Batu Selambau Addition and Deletion of Voters 20080205-200902

Breakdown of changes 20080205-20090219DeletionsAdditionsNet changes
Voters with 12-digit Ics (incl absentees)378543165
Police/military voter - change in IC number format10100
Police/military voter - real change in registration20-2
Apparent changes in all voters 390 553 163

Total voter count 34,977 35,140 163

Table B shows:
  • How many additions and deletions are grouped under each DM (Daerah Mengundi, voting districts),
  • The most changes took place in the DMs of Taman Bandar Baru, Taman Ria Jaya, and Taman Ria Selatan.
  • Taman Bandar Baru is where we have found a cluster of voters with house numbers, but not street names.
  • We were worried that such non-specific addresses in what looks like modern housing estate makes it easier to hide any phantom voters. See discussion at No Street Names Despite Modern Housing in Bukit Selambau.
Table B: P014N25 Batu Selambau Addition and Deletion of Voters 20080205-200902
All voters with 12-Digit ICs - Excluding Police and Military Personnel

Does not exist in this electoral roll2009020020080205
Exists in this electoral roll2008020520090200
Meaning …DeletedAdded
0142501Bukit SelambauKuala Sin95
0142502Bukit SelambauKampung Sungkap62
0142503Bukit SelambauBukit Lembu251
0142504Bukit SelambauTaman Bandar Baru3689
0142505Bukit SelambauSungai Lalang2114
0142506Bukit SelambauTaman Desa Aman2032
0142507Bukit SelambauBandar Laguna Merbok436
0142508Bukit SelambauTasek Apong1538
0142509Bukit SelambauAir Menideh2414
0142510Bukit SelambauJalan Badlishah201
0142511Bukit SelambauTaman Peruda1729
0142512Bukit SelambauTaman Ria Utara1443
0142513Bukit SelambauTaman Ria Jaya3086
0142514Bukit SelambauUnited Petani186
0142515Bukit SelambauPetani Para91
0142516Bukit SelambauBukit Rusa83
0142517Bukit SelambauPekan Bukit Selambau3428
0142518Bukit SelambauKampung Pokok Machang85
0142519Bukit SelambauBatu Belachan130
0142520Bukit SelambauTiti Panjang1713
0142521Bukit SelambauAmbangan Height248
0142522Bukit SelambauTaman Ria Selatan2849
Subtotal - non-police, 12-digit-IC voters378543

Table C shows that:
  • Unsurprisingly, the most deletion took place in the 70-79 age group,
  • while the most additions took place in the 21-29 age group
Table C: P014N25 Bukit Selambau Voters - 12-DIGIT-IC Only
Additions and Deletions in 200902 Roll by Age Groups - 12-DIGIT-IC
AgeTahunlahirTahunlahirDeleted inAdded in

GroupFromTo20090219?20090219?NetChange %
% of total% of total
21-2919791987 21 310 2891376.2%
30-3919691978 28 127 99353.6%
40-4919591968 63 57 (6)-9.5%
50-5919491958 59 37 (22)-37.3%
60-6919391948 74 10 (64)-86.5%
70-7919291938 79 2 (77)-97.5%
80-8919191928 40 - (40)-100.0%
90-9919091918 10 - (10)-100.0%
100+18841908 4 - (4)-100.0%

378 543 16543.7%

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