Data Sharing and Privacy Protection

I'm glad to share data, but I also need to protect voters' privacy

One of the first issues with publishing voter list analysis is the protection of privacy of the voters. On one hand, we need to publish enough details for you to check/duplicate my observations. On the other hand, we need to minimize exposing too much voter data unnecessarily.

In the data tables for this blog, I will include just enough data for you to be able to check on SPR's verification Website, or for you to check if you have a hardcopy/PDF/MsAcces copy of SPR file. Most of the time, you will be able to check through:

1. New or old IC, to be checked on SPR Website, or

2. A full locality code, eg, 0010203004, a NoSiri, and a SPR-publication date, which will be adequate for checking through the hardcopy/PDF/MsAccess data files published by SPR.

SPR verification Web URL keeps changing. Older gazetted database will also be replaced with newer gazetted versions. It currently shows the voters list gazetted on 2008 Feb 5.

You can try one of these SPR URLs:
http://www.spr.gov.my/index/pagemulahtml.htm (left column)

Asking me for detailed data

If you represent SPR, an election-monitoring NGO, political party, academician, or journalist with proper editorial control, you can leave a comment to request the data. But I may need some introduction or endorsement from other reputable sources before I give out too much voter details.

You can also request that I check certain interesting pattern on the database, then write about it for this blog.

We also have the quarterly supplementary voter changes published by SPR in PDF format for 2007q4 and 2008q1 that you can check with.

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