Supplementary Voter Lists 2008q1 and 2007q4

Background: What happens to the electoral roll every quarter?

About 15-30 days after the end of a quarter, SPR will publish changes to the electoral roll to allow the public to review them at post offices, as well as online at http://www.spr.gov.my/index/pamer_rang.htm. These 222 PDF files will be removed after about 2 weeks. SPR's Bahasa Malaysia Web site is more updated than the English site.

I've used some programs and scripts to extract the data into a database. You cannot use Adobe Reader's "Save As" command, because that output loses information about how the right columns are separated by spaces, tabs, etc.

The 2008 first quarter supplemental voter list is now available. I call this set of data "spr2008q1." I have also downloaded the PDF files for 2007 4th quarter, and call this set of data "spr2007q4."

I will post quick overviews of spr2008q1 (data from after the 12th General election), and some comparison with spr2007q4 (data from before the election).

What are the changes?

To begin with, we need to know what types of changes are reflected in the quarterly supplementary electoral rolls. Both ADDITIONs and DELETIONs are included, and some rows may offset the other rows. For example, one voter can move OUT from one locality, and move INTO another, and will appear twice in this list.

The ADDITIONs are reflected in the first 2 types below (types 11 nd 12). The rest are DELETIONs. The "changeType" code in the left column is MALVU's own numbering system, and is not created by the SPR. These changes were compiled from 2007q4 and 2008q1; there may be more types of changes that did not occur in these 2 quarters.

changeTypeText (SPR text) changeTypeExplanation (Malvu explanation)
11 PENDAFTARAN BARU Addition into list - New registration
12 PENDAFTARAN TUKAR ALAMAT Addition into list - Change of address registration (move in)
31 PENANDAAN PEMOTONGAN - PENGENALAN DIRI TIDAK LENGKAP Deletion from list - Identification not complete
32 PENANDAAN PEMOTONGAN - PEMILIH BERTUKAR ALAMAT Deletion from list - Voter change address (move out)
33 PENANDAAN PEMOTONGAN - KEMATIAN Deletion from list - Death
34 PENANDAAN PEMOTONGAN - HILANG KELAYAKAN SEBAGAI PENGUNDI POS Deletion from list - Loss of eligibility as postal voter
35 PENANDAAN PEMOTONGAN - DILUCUTKAN KEWARGANEGARAAN Deletion from list - Loss of citizenship
36 PENANDAAN PEMOTONGAN - BERSARA POLIS/ TENTERA Deletion from list - Retired from police or army
37 PENANDAAN PEMOTONGAN - MASUK TENTERA Deletion from list - Enter into army
38 PENANDAAN PEMOTONGAN - SILAP PENDATAAN Deletion from list - Data mistakes
39 PENANDAAN PEMOTONGAN - MASUK POLIS Deletion from list - Enter into police
40 PENANDAAN PEMOTONGAN - PERGI KE LUAR NEGERI Deletion from list - Gone out of country
41 PENANDAAN PEMOTONGAN - PULANG DARI LUAR NEGERI Deletion from list - Return from out of country
42 PENANDAAN PEMOTONGAN - TENTERA DI RAGUI Deletion from list - Army in doubt (?)
99 OTHERS Others

Alternative title for SPR2008q1: Rang Daftar Pemilih Tambahan Untuk Suku Pertama Tahun 2008 (1 JANUARI - 31 MAC). Short name for these set of data compiled by MALVU from SPR sources: "spr2008q1" and "spr2007q4."

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Kah Seng said...

SPR has stopped publishing the PDF version of quarterly supplementary changes (rang tambahan suku) since 2008Q2 at http://www.spr.gov.my/index/pamer_rang.htm