Understanding P203 N29 - Batang Air State Seat of Lubok Antu, Sarawak

Where is the P203 N29 state seat Batang Air on the map? How big is it? How many voters are there? How have they voted previously? Isn't Malaysia's largest hydroelectric dam called Batang Ai Dam?

Batang Air, traditionally known as Batang Ai, is about 200km east of Kuching and less than 100km south of Sibu, in Sarawak. It includes the western end of the central Sarawak mountain range as well as a small portion of river valley. It used to be called N25 in the 2001 state election, but has since been renamed N29.

Batang Air contains Batang Ai Dam, the largest operating hydroelectric dam in Malaysia, only waiting to be eclipsed by the unfinished and infamous Bakun Dam.

To the south, Batang Air borders Indonesia by over 100 kms. To the west, Batang Air is limited by highways No. 2109 and No. 1. To the north of Batang Air is N28 Engkilili DUN, the other DUN under P203 Lubok Antu. The eastern half is covered by mountain range. See map at WikiMapia.org.

The map on the right is sourced from http://maps.ysm.org.my.

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More than 1/2 of Batang Air is mountainous, and very difficult for MAFREL observers to cover.

Batang Air is also a huge area. We crudely estimate it to be 1,500 sq km; Batang Air looks about 75km wide and average about 20 km deep, based on WikiMapia.org satellite map and Wikimapia.org terrain map (right), and constituency map. This will make Batang Air DUN roughly 1.5x Penang state (1,046sqkm), 2x Perlis (810sqkm), 30x Putrajaya, and 6x KL FT. That is 1/4 the size of Brunei (5,765sqkm), and 2x of Singapore (710sqkm)! Note the relative size of Singapore and of part of Johor in the map to the right, as compared to Batang Air. (updated Mar 27)

Mostly hilly and jungle area, with about 100km of winding border adjoining Indonesia too!

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Voters Summary. Table A shows that Batang Air is a small DUN constituency with about 8 thousand voters. This contrasts sharply with Kedah's N25 Bukit Selambau, which is also a state seat but which contains about 35 thousand voters. A vote in Batang Air is equivalent to more than 4 votes in Bukit Selambau! (There goes the one-person-one-vote principle.)

Batang Air contains:
  • 7,963 non-postal voters and 43 postal voters, totaling 8,006 voters.
  • has 24 DMs (Daerah Mengundi, voting district), and 24 TMs (Tempat Mengundi, voting station),
  • Most of the DMs and TMs have only 1 saluran (voting stream) for voting (except 203/29/02, which contains 2 salurans)
  • Therefore, in total, there are 25 salurans
  • Separately, we have calculated that most of the salurans are small. Min size is 75 voters, max size is 673 voters
Table A: P0203 Lubok Antu N29 Batang Air 200902 By-Election
Summary of Data By DUN

Parl/DUNNamaDUNDM countTM countSaluran countVoter count
203/29Batang Air242425 7,963
Non-postal1242425 7,963
Postal voters

Total including postal voteres

Past Election Results

The current by-election at Batang Air is at the state (DUN) level. Batang Air faced state election in 2001 and May 2006, and parliamentary elections in March 2004 and March 2008. There was a seat delineation before the 2004 GE, and Batang Air has been re-numbered from N25 to N29.

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