8,388 or 10% of KT Voters Have No NoRumah

10.5% of voters in Kuala Terengganu are registered without a house number (NoRumah), even after excluding postal voters. SPR's voter address registration seems archaic, with 35% voters nationwide without house numbers, and without ZIP code. Why not automatically register voters and use MyKad address?


  • Nation-wide, 35% of voters were registered with the SPR without a house number (NoRumah) for GE12 electoral roll gazetted on 2008 Feb 5. See NoRumah? No Rumah? More than 1/3 voters homeless?
  • Sabah led the blurry pack, with 92% of voters not registering their house number.
  • Terengganu state overall had 35.2% voters without house numbers.
  • The relatively urbanized Kuala Terengganu (P036) in 2008 Feb 5 had 10.6% voters without NoRumah.
  • Using the latest KT roll of 2008 Dec 5, we found only slight improvement to 10.5% voters without NoRumah.
  • In Permatang Pauh by-election roll dated 20080731, 1,020 or 1.8% voters were without house numbers. See this report.
  • Our analysis exclude postal voters. Had postal voters been included, the percentage will be even higher by about 1% to 3%.
  • Our analysis also tries to standardize variations of entries, such as "-" and other text that denotes blank, such as "tiada","null","*", etc.

Table A provides the overview that
  • 8,388 or 10.5% of voters in KT are registered without a house number, only a "locality" such as a village or kampung address.
  • Batu Buruk has the most cases in KT, with 4,611 voters without house numbers.
  • All Tables A, B, C are constructed after excluding postal voters.
Table A: Count of Voters Without NoRumah By DUN
20081205 - Excluding Postal Voters
Parl/DUNNamaDUN Voters Without NoRumah
03613Wakaf Mempelam 2,451
03614Bandar 415
03615Ladang 911
03616Batu Buruk 4,611
036Kuala Terengganu 8,388

All voters 80,229


Questions: (also see this article):
  • Is it National Register of IC Department or SPR who omitted the house numbers?
  • If NRIC have specific address details, why not automatically register voters with MyKad info?
  • Why allow SPR procedure to introduce another hard-to-detect and hard-to-correct, and widespread, error?
  • Is rural development so backward 51 years after national independence that most rural voters have no specific house address?
  • Why do some voters in the same village have specific house numbers, when others do not?
  • If election observers can prove (by photocopied ICs that are safely crossed and cancelled) that there is a large number of voters whose ICs indeed show detailed address and house numbers, but whose voter registrations do not show house numbers, then we can make a strong case to make all voter registrations automatic, based on MyKad and NRIC database.

Table B lists those voting districts (DM, Daerah Mengundi) that have 20 or more voters registered without a house number. It shows:
  • Cendering Pandai (036/16/06) has 916, the highest number of voters with blank house numbers.
  • There are 14 DMs, each with more than 200 voters without house numbers.
Table B: Voting Districts With the Most Voters Without NoRumah
20081205 - Excluding Postal Voters
Parl/ DUN/DMNamaDUNNamaDMVoters
036/16/06Batu BurukCendering Pantai 916
036/16/10Batu BurukKampung Kolam 832
036/16/03Batu BurukGong Tok Nasek 744
036/13/02Wakaf MempelamKampung Paluh 469
036/15/06LadangBukit Bayas 449
036/16/07Batu BurukCendering 423
036/16/02Batu BurukKampung Nibung 394
036/13/11Wakaf MempelamWakaf Mempelam 375
036/13/10Wakaf MempelamSungai Rengas 358
036/16/04Batu BurukBukit Depu 331
036/16/09Batu BurukMengabang Tengah 309
036/13/08Wakaf MempelamMerbau Patah 289
036/16/05Batu BurukKuala Ibai 247
036/13/06Wakaf MempelamSeberang Baruh 205
036/13/07Wakaf MempelamWakaf Beruas 198
036/16/08Batu BurukTaman Permint Jaya 176
036/13/01Wakaf MempelamPulau Rusa 158
036/13/09Wakaf MempelamDurian Burung 156
036/15/05LadangPasir Panjang 135
036/16/01Batu BurukPantai Batu Buruk 125
036/16/11Batu BurukKenanga 114
036/13/05Wakaf MempelamLosong Hj Mat Shafie 102
036/15/02LadangMengadang Akar 90
036/14/09BandarPantai Terengganu 87
036/13/04Wakaf MempelamLosong Penglima Perang 73
036/15/07LadangBukit Besar 72
036/13/03Wakaf MempelamLosong Datok Amar 68
036/14/08BandarPaya Bunga 64
036/15/01LadangLadang 64
036/15/04LadangGong Kapas 64
036/14/05BandarPulau Kambing 62
036/14/01BandarTok Ku 54
036/14/07BandarPejabat Bandaran 44
036/14/02BandarCabang Tiga 38
036/15/03LadangBatas Baru 37
036/14/06BandarKampung Cina 25
036/14/04BandarLosong Masjid 21
036/14/03BandarHiliran Masjid 20

P036 Kuala Terengganu

Table C shows that:

  • A locality is meant to be a street, village general address, police quarters, army camp, or a representation of absentee voters.
  • But some localities contain hundreds of voters without house number.
  • 23 localities in KT contain more than 100 voters without a specific house number.
  • Most are a village (kampung) general address. But there is a hospital address, and even a street address (Jln Sultan Mahmud) with 33 voters registered without a house number.
Table C: Count of Voters Without NoRumah By Locality
Showing Only Localities with 30 or More Voters Without NoRumah
20081205 - Excluding Postal Voters
KodlokalitiNamaDUNNamaDMNamaLokalitiCount of voters
036/16/03Batu BurukGong Tok NasekKg Gong Tok Nasek 453
036/16/02Batu BurukKampung NibungKg Nibung 381
036/16/06Batu BurukCendering PantaiKg Pantai Pendek 364
036/16/09Batu BurukMengabang TengahKg Mengabang Tengah 309
036/16/03Batu BurukGong Tok NasekKg Gong Pak Maseh 291
036/16/05Batu BurukKuala IbaiKg Kuala Ibai 245
036/16/10Batu BurukKampung KolamKg Kolam 234
036/16/07Batu BurukCenderingKg Raja Barang 225
036/13/06Wakaf MempelamSeberang BaruhKg. Seberang Baruh 205
036/16/10Batu BurukKampung KolamKg Teluk Tok Adis 192
036/16/06Batu BurukCendering PantaiKg Batu 6 Cendering 187
036/16/08Batu BurukTaman Permint JayaKg Kubang Ikan 152
036/16/04Batu BurukBukit DepuKg. Masjid Hj. Kadir 146
036/16/10Batu BurukKampung KolamKg Gong Kemunting 141
036/13/08Wakaf MempelamMerbau PatahKg Kubang Parit 141
036/13/10Wakaf MempelamSungai RengasKg Sungai Rengas 139
036/15/06LadangBukit BayasKg Bukit Bayas 135
036/15/06LadangBukit BayasKg. Gelung Bilal 124
036/16/04Batu BurukBukit DepuKg Bukit Depu 119
036/13/09Wakaf MempelamDurian BurungKg. Durian Burung 117
036/15/05LadangPasir PanjangKg Pasir Panjang 116
036/15/06LadangBukit BayasKg Sungai Derhaka 111
036/13/02Wakaf MempelamKampung PaluhKg Kuala Bekah 102
036/13/07Wakaf MempelamWakaf BeruasKg Wakaf Beruas 98
036/13/01Wakaf MempelamPulau RusaKg Pulau Rusa 97
036/13/05Wakaf MempelamLosong Hj Mat ShafieKg Losong Hj Mat Shafie 91
036/13/10Wakaf MempelamSungai RengasKg Pulau Musang 90
036/13/10Wakaf MempelamSungai RengasKg Kubang Tangga 88
036/13/11Wakaf MempelamWakaf MempelamKg Wakaf Mempelam 84
036/13/08Wakaf MempelamMerbau PatahKg Merbau Patah 78
036/16/10Batu BurukKampung KolamKg Padang Luar 78
036/16/10Batu BurukKampung KolamKg. Banggul 77
036/16/06Batu BurukCendering PantaiKg Simpang Empat 76
036/16/07Batu BurukCenderingKg Raja 74
036/13/11Wakaf MempelamWakaf MempelamKg. Gelugur Raja 73
036/16/01Batu BurukPantai Batu BurukKompleks Hospital Besar K. Tr 73
036/13/08Wakaf MempelamMerbau PatahKg Panji 70
036/13/11Wakaf MempelamWakaf MempelamKg. Teluk Paku 70
036/13/02Wakaf MempelamKampung PaluhKg Bukit Kubang Jambu 65
036/16/06Batu BurukCendering PantaiKg Pengkalan Raja Wali 63
036/15/06LadangBukit BayasKg. Seberang Baruh 60
036/13/11Wakaf MempelamWakaf MempelamKg Tok Jamal 59
036/15/07LadangBukit BesarKg Bukit Besar 59
036/16/10Batu BurukKampung KolamKg Lembah 58
036/16/06Batu BurukCendering PantaiKg Teluk 48
036/13/07Wakaf MempelamWakaf BeruasKg Melintang 45
036/13/11Wakaf MempelamWakaf MempelamKg. Pak Pa 44
036/16/07Batu BurukCenderingKg Ketapang 41
036/13/02Wakaf MempelamKampung PaluhKg Paluh 40
036/16/10Batu BurukKampung KolamKg Hujung Jambatan 40
036/13/02Wakaf MempelamKampung PaluhKg Paluh Hj Daud 39
036/15/02LadangMengadang AkarKg Ladang Sheikh Ibrahim 37
036/16/07Batu BurukCenderingKg Bukit Batu Putih 37
036/16/04Batu BurukBukit DepuKg. Gelung Gajah 37
036/13/09Wakaf MempelamDurian BurungKg. Bukit Kubang Jambu 36
036/16/11Batu BurukKenangaKg. Batu Buruk 36
036/13/07Wakaf MempelamWakaf BeruasKg Pak Bang 35
036/13/02Wakaf MempelamKampung PaluhKg Paluh Sungai Kiat 34
036/16/11Batu BurukKenangaJln Sultan Mahmud 33
036/16/06Batu BurukCendering PantaiKg Pantai Teluk 30

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