90 Voters in a Big House in KT

90 voters live in the same big house at No. 1089-A of Kg Kuala Ibai in Kuala Terengganu. SPR's inconsistent house numbering format understates the number of voters in the same houses. Meanwhile, 453 voters are registered without house number (NoRumah) at a single locality, ie, Kg Gong Tok Nasek.

Background: Many voters in the same address

  • We need to differentiate between two types of "large addresses":

    1. Many voters in a locality without house number.
      • These are also listed and discussed in Table C of article "8,388 or 10% of KT Voters Have No NoRumah".
      • This type involves many large cases, and usually involves a village address registered with up to a few hundreds of voters.
      • An example is the 453 voters registered at " [Blank NoRumah] Kg Gong Tok Nasek."
      • This type is difficult to verify, because they have only a village name, no street name, no house numbers, and there are many such voters in one address.

    2. Many voters in the same house with a house number.
      • This type involves relatively fewer voters per address, and a specific house number, that may be easier to verify.
      • An example is the 12 voters registered at "352 Kg Gong Tok Nasek" - the same village as the above example.
      • However, there is widespread inconsistency in SPR address formats, hiding many voters in the same house.
      • An example is the 90 voters registered at "1089-A Kg Kuala Ibai," including these variations of the address:
        • 1089-A Kg Kuala Ibai: 56 voters
        • 1089 A Kg Kuala Ibai: 23 voters
        • 1089A Kg Kuala Ibai: 7 voters
        • 1089 - A Kg Kuala Ibai: 4 voters
        • These are 90 voters all in the same house!
  • But the above two types are intertwined, because the same locality can contain voters both with and without house numbers.
  • In the example above, Kg Gong Tok Nasek contains 453 voters without house number. But Kg Gong Tok Nasek also contains 12 voters with house numbers 352, and 9 voters with these house numbers - 144, 173, 212, 214, etc.
  • This shows that voters at Kg Gong Tok Nasek could have been registered with more specific address, only that NRIC Department or SPR have not registered these voters properly.

  • There are three possible, half-legitimate, reasons for such large and vague addresses, although they all reflect badly on either the SPR, NRIC Department, or the government's economic development credential:
    • Some large addresses (not the village type typical in KT) may be apartments, and SPR or NRIC Department failed to register the complete apartment information.
    • SPR or NRIC Department may have skipped the details about street name, even when given.
    • Rural development is so poor that 1/3 voters in Terengganu still do not have a proper street name and house number.
  • Again, if election observers can prove (by photocopied ICs that are safely crossed and cancelled) that there is a large number of voters whose ICs indeed show detailed address such as house numbers and street names, but whose voter registrations do not show house numbers or street name, then we can make a strong case to make all voter registrations automatic, based on MyKad and NRIC database, instead of SPR's haphazard registration and input procedure.
  • To protect voter privacy, the tables here will not list the full IC, name, and address details living in the large addresses that will be required to check these "big addresses." Rather, we will provide these details to MAFREL field verification teams.

Table A lists address WITHOUT house numbers, and shows:
  • In searching for house numbers (NoRumah), we have partially cleaned up the data by eliminating confusing variations such as "-" (which also means a blank), "No. " (with a space), "No." without space, "N0." (with a zero), etc. See this table for more details. Therefore, our search for blank house number and similar house numbers will turn up more cases than without the clean-up effort.
  • The tables below also exclude postal voters, almost all of whom are registered without house number. Police and army postal addresses are public information, and we do not count them as "missing" house number or large addresses.
Table A: Top 10 Cases of Many Voters in the Same Address WITHOUT House Number
036/16/03/001Batu BurukGong Tok NasekKg Gong Tok Nasek
036/16/02/001Batu BurukKampung NibungKg Nibung
036/16/06/008Batu BurukCendering PantaiKg Pantai Pendek
036/16/09/001Batu BurukMengabang TengahKg Mengabang Tengah
036/16/03/002Batu BurukGong Tok NasekKg Gong Pak Maseh
036/16/05/002Batu BurukKuala IbaiKg Kuala Ibai
036/16/10/005Batu BurukKampung KolamKg Kolam
036/16/07/001Batu BurukCenderingKg Raja Barang
036/13/06/001Wakaf MempelamSeberang BaruhKg. Seberang Baruh
036/16/10/007Batu BurukKampung KolamKg Teluk Tok Adis

Table B lists houses WITH house numbers, and shows:
  • Addresses (Locality WITH House Number) where 15 or more voters are registered.
  • Most localities are village (kampung) address; some are more specific street addresses (eg, "Jln. Banggul")
  • The highest number of voters is 56, at 1089-A Kg Kuala Ibai, but ...
  • This table also illustrates the problem of SPR address format inconsistencies.
    • For example, "1089-A Kg Kuala Ibai" (56 voters) and "1089 A Kg Kuala Ibai" (23 voters) are essentially the same address.
    • At the bottom are at least 2 other variations (1089A with 7 voters and 1089 - A with 4 voters).
    • In total, there are 90 (=56+23+7+4) voters in the same house number!
    • In Table B, we have not yet cleaned and consolidated these SPR address format inconsistencies.
    • Such inconsistencies significantly understate the number of voters per house address.
    • These "1089-A" cases are highlighted in blue and red.
Table B: Many Voters in the Same Address - A Locality, WITH House Number
036/16/05/002Batu BurukKuala IbaiKg Kuala Ibai1089-A 56
036/13/10/004Wakaf MempelamSungai RengasKg Sungai Rengas935 28
036/14/09/012BandarPantai TerengganuKg. Tanjung Nisan Empat783 28
036/14/04/003BandarLosong MasjidKg. Losong Masjid33 24
036/14/01/002BandarTok KuKg Tok Ku1064 23
036/14/04/003BandarLosong MasjidKg. Losong Masjid26 23
036/14/09/012BandarPantai TerengganuKg. Tanjung Nisan Empat755 23
036/16/05/002Batu BurukKuala IbaiKg Kuala Ibai1089 A 23
036/14/06/005BandarKampung CinaKg. China229 22
036/14/07/008BandarPejabat BandaranKg Dalam Kota37 22
036/16/05/002Batu BurukKuala IbaiKg Kuala Ibai1063 22
036/14/03/002BandarHiliran MasjidKg. Hiliran Masjid146 21
036/16/06/008Batu BurukCendering PantaiKg Pantai Pendek514 21
036/14/01/005BandarTok KuKg Tok Kaya1012 20
036/14/03/002BandarHiliran MasjidKg. Hiliran Masjid135 20
036/14/04/003BandarLosong MasjidKg. Losong Masjid22 20
036/14/06/001BandarKampung CinaJln. Banggul19 20
036/15/04/002LadangGong KapasJln. Panji Alam1712 20
036/13/03/003Wakaf MempelamLosong Datok AmarKg Losong Ferry523 19
036/13/10/005Wakaf MempelamSungai RengasKg Pulau Musang692 19
036/14/01/003BandarTok KuT Lot Makam Lama44 19
036/14/02/004BandarCabang TigaKg Losong Hj. Su170 19
036/14/06/005BandarKampung CinaKg. China218-2/5 19
036/14/07/017BandarPejabat BandaranJln. Bandar235-D 19
036/14/08/003BandarPaya BungaJln. Petani105 19
036/15/05/002LadangPasir PanjangKg Pasir Panjang1358 19
036/13/10/004Wakaf MempelamSungai RengasKg Sungai Rengas823 18
036/13/10/005Wakaf MempelamSungai RengasKg Pulau Musang717 18
036/14/01/002BandarTok KuKg Tok Ku60 18
036/14/01/002BandarTok KuKg Tok Ku1060 18
036/14/01/003BandarTok KuT Lot Makam Lama66 18
036/14/02/004BandarCabang TigaKg Losong Hj. Su100 18
036/14/03/002BandarHiliran MasjidKg. Hiliran Masjid183 18
036/14/06/001BandarKampung CinaJln. Banggul23 18
036/14/06/007BandarKampung CinaKg. Tiung105 18
036/15/05/002LadangPasir PanjangKg Pasir Panjang1345 18
036/16/05/002Batu BurukKuala IbaiKg Kuala Ibai1064 18
036/13/04/009Wakaf MempelamLosong Penglima PerangKg Losong Penglima Perang128 17
036/14/02/003BandarCabang TigaKg. Cabang Tiga48 17
036/14/02/003BandarCabang TigaKg. Cabang Tiga49 17
036/14/04/003BandarLosong MasjidKg. Losong Masjid59 17
036/14/05/002BandarPulau KambingKg. Bandar Baru245 17
036/14/08/009BandarPaya BungaKg Dalam Bata29 17
036/15/01/004LadangLadangKg Ladang Sekolah927 17
036/15/04/003LadangGong KapasJln. Kamaruddin1774 17
036/13/04/004Wakaf MempelamLosong Penglima PerangKg Losong Megat Hussin227 16
036/13/04/009Wakaf MempelamLosong Penglima PerangKg Losong Penglima Perang352 16
036/13/04/009Wakaf MempelamLosong Penglima PerangKg Losong Penglima Perang423 16
036/13/04/009Wakaf MempelamLosong Penglima PerangKg Losong Penglima Perang712 16
036/13/05/001Wakaf MempelamLosong Hj Mat ShafieKg Losong Ebeng631 16
036/13/11/009Wakaf MempelamWakaf MempelamKg Gong PauhE-7 16
036/14/01/002BandarTok KuKg Tok Ku84 16
036/14/01/002BandarTok KuKg Tok Ku85 16
036/14/01/002BandarTok KuKg Tok Ku1057 16
036/14/02/003BandarCabang TigaKg. Cabang Tiga42 16
036/14/03/002BandarHiliran MasjidKg. Hiliran Masjid168 16
036/14/05/001BandarPulau KambingKg. Balik Bukit45 16
036/14/06/003BandarKampung CinaJln Sultan Ismail22 16
036/14/06/005BandarKampung CinaKg. China166 16
036/14/08/003BandarPaya BungaJln. Petani50 16
036/14/09/001BandarPantai TerengganuJln. Sultan Zainal Abidin135 16
036/15/04/001LadangGong KapasKg. Gong Kapas291 16
036/16/09/001Batu BurukMengabang TengahKg Mengabang Tengah1433 16
036/13/03/005Wakaf MempelamLosong Datok AmarKg Losong Pasir431 15
036/13/04/009Wakaf MempelamLosong Penglima PerangKg Losong Penglima Perang35 15
036/13/04/009Wakaf MempelamLosong Penglima PerangKg Losong Penglima Perang315 15
036/13/05/002Wakaf MempelamLosong Hj Mat ShafieKg Losong Hj Mat Shafie753 15
036/13/07/002Wakaf MempelamWakaf BeruasKg Melintang1304 15
036/14/01/002BandarTok KuKg Tok Ku91 15
036/14/01/002BandarTok KuKg Tok Ku1059 15
036/14/01/004BandarTok KuKg. Simpang Tok Ku1022 15
036/14/02/003BandarCabang TigaKg. Cabang Tiga26 15
036/14/03/002BandarHiliran MasjidKg. Hiliran Masjid60 15
036/14/03/003BandarHiliran MasjidKg Kuala Hiliran164 15
036/14/04/003BandarLosong MasjidKg. Losong Masjid88 15
036/14/09/012BandarPantai TerengganuKg. Tanjung Nisan Empat593 15
036/14/09/012BandarPantai TerengganuKg. Tanjung Nisan Empat756 15
036/15/02/002LadangMengadang AkarKg Ladang Sahat8 15
036/15/05/002LadangPasir PanjangKg Pasir Panjang58 15
036/15/05/002LadangPasir PanjangKg Pasir Panjang1437 15
036/15/05/002LadangPasir PanjangKg Pasir Panjang1441 15
036/16/02/001Batu BurukKampung NibungKg Nibung1399 15
036/16/06/008Batu BurukCendering PantaiKg Pantai Pendek1770 15

036/16/05/002Batu BurukKuala IbaiKg Kuala Ibai1089A 7

036/16/05/002Batu BurukKuala IbaiKg Kuala Ibai1089 - A 4

Table C shows that:
  • A locality can contain addresses both WITH AND WITHOUT house number.
  • In this example below, the address of "Kg Gong Tok Nasek" without house number contains 453 voters.
  • But the same address with house number "12" contains 1 voter, and house number "20" contains 2 voters, etc.
  • In total (not fully listed in Table C), this locality (Kodlokaliti 036/16/03/001), including all its house numbers, make up 809 unique addresses (809 table rows of locality+ house number) and 2,143 voters.
  • Table C selectively lists only 10 of the 809.
  • Many of these "unique addresses" are variations of the same address because of SPR's inconsistent house number format, such as house no. "1008 C" and "1008-C" (highlighted in red).
Table C: Related Addresses - Selected Unique Addresses (House Number At Kodlokaliti 036/16/03/001) and Voter Count, Including Blank House Number
KodlokalitiNamaDUNNamaDMNamaLokalitiNoRumahVoter count in this unique address
036/16/03/001Batu BurukGong Tok NasekKg Gong Tok Nasek
036/16/03/001Batu BurukGong Tok NasekKg Gong Tok Nasek12 1
036/16/03/001Batu BurukGong Tok NasekKg Gong Tok Nasek20 2
036/16/03/001Batu BurukGong Tok NasekKg Gong Tok Nasek21 1
036/16/03/001Batu BurukGong Tok NasekKg Gong Tok Nasek1008 C 1
036/16/03/001Batu BurukGong Tok NasekKg Gong Tok Nasek1008-C 3
036/16/03/001Batu BurukGong Tok NasekKg Gong Tok Nasek1008-L 1
036/16/03/001Batu BurukGong Tok NasekKg Gong Tok NasekLOT 946 2
036/16/03/001Batu BurukGong Tok NasekKg Gong Tok NasekLOT 995 1
036/16/03/001Batu BurukGong Tok NasekKg Gong Tok NasekLOT 995-G 1
Total voter count in this locality 036/16/03/0012,143
Total unique addresses (Kodlokaliti+NoRumah) in locality (10 listed above)809

Table D shows that:
  • KT (P036) parliamentary seat contains 35,729 unique addresses (locality plus a house number or blank house number).
  • For example, 1 Jalan Besar, 1A Jalan Besar, [no house number] Jalan Besar, and 1 Jalan Bukit are four distinct and unique (fictitious) addresses.
  • Of the 35,729 unique addresses in KT, 256 are localities without a house number.
    • This type tends to have a high voter count in the same address, because this is a general address, such as a village address.
    • For example, the table shows 1 address without house number in KT contain voters in the range of 400-499 voters (It is actually "[Blank house number] Kg Gong Tok Nasek")
  • The other 35,473 are localities with a house number.
    • The fact that they have a house number make them more specific locations, containing fewer voters in the same address.
    • For example, there is one address with voter count in the range of 50-59, and 17 addresses with voter count in the range of 20-29.
Table D: Count of Unique Addresses (Locality+House Number or Blank)
Voter count Cout of unique addresses ...
FromToWITHOUT house numberWITH house numberTotal Cases
400499 1 - 1
300399 3 - 3
200299 5 - 5
100199 14 - 14
8099 6 - 6
6079 12 - 12
5059 3 1 4
4049 6 - 6
3039 10 - 10
2029 17 17 34
1019 46 371 417
89 15 430 445
67 18 994 1,012
46 23 2,736 2,759
33 20 3,168 3,188
22 27 6,685 6,712
11 30 21,071 21,101
256 35,473 35,729


remie said...

It is very common in the kampongs, where there is no postal service, where houses do not have a number allocated to it.

I, for one, have my address on my MyKad as: Kampong XXX, (District).

This change was done not a long time ago but within the last year.

Unless and until, ALL legal houses are allocated an address, this situation wil continue.

Which Ministry/Government Department is responsible, I leave you to find out!

Keep up the good work.

Kah Seng said...

Thanks for the comment.

We need such info on the ground to help gradually trace back to whichever authorities responsible for the quality of voter registration information. Then we can suggest solutions, and make a case to demand improvements.

ann said...

During last election we had confirmation of voter status of unknown people using our home address.We live in a link house in the Klang Valley

Blog towards healthy and fit life~! said...

Thanks for the effort of MALVU to watch over our SPR.

We believe that is a lot of hidden agenda on SPR data.

Keep it up, we need your service to build a healthy democracy in Malaysia~!

Johnny Ong said...

wow, great big wonderful happy family there. wonder where they sleep ......... different houses?