KT Subdivided into 4 DUN, 38 DM, 36 TM, 336 Localities

Kuala Terengganu (P036) contains 4 state seats (DUN), 38 voting districts (DM), 36 voting stations (TM), 143 voting streams (Saluran), and 336 localities. Oddly, KT contains very small and large localities (1 to 2,812 voters).

Background: How a parliamentary seat is subdivided. See earlier report for other details.

  • Election observers need to consider how the constituency is organized by the SPR.
  • A parliamentary constituency is divided into 3 or 4 state assembly seats (DUN).
  • A state seat is divided into around 10 voting districts (Daerah Mengundi, or DM). See Tables A and B.
  • A DM is further divided into, generally, 5 to 15 localities (Lokaliti).
  • A locality can be divided into many house numbers (NoRumah).
    • But there are often many voters with a blank house number within the locality. We will examine this later. Also see earlier report on Permatang Pauh.
    • KT contains some really large localities, containing as many as 2,812 voters, probably due to the vague registration of voters by unspecific village addresses (Kampung ...). See Table C. See earlier report on large localities in GE12 electoral roll.

  • Each DM is often associated with a voting station (Tempat Mengundi, or TM).
    • But sometimes two DMs can share a voting station. We will list the DMs and TMs in the next blog entry.
  • Each voting station is further divided into, generally, 1 to 10 voting streams (Saluran).
  • Voters within a DM are given a serial number (NoSiri), that runs across localities and within the DM.
    • It is odd that the NoSiri for KT's 2 oldest voters have been changed from Number 1 to the largest NoSiri.
    • Probably not in KT, but elsewhere it could mean requiring the old voters with high serial numbers to climb up to voting streams on higher floors to vote.

Table A shows the overall subdivision:
  • KT contains 4 DUNs.
  • The DUNs each contains 7 to 11 DMs, totalling 38 DMs.
  • The DUNs each contains 65 to 110 localities, totalling 336 localities.
  • Batu Buruk is the largest DUN by voter count (about 30%);
  • Ladang is the smallest (about 21%).
Table A: How KT P036 is Subdived, with Voter Count
2008 Dec 5

of DM
Count of
Count of
Voters as
% of KT
03613Wakaf Mempelam 11 73 20,629 25.7%
03614Bandar 9 110 18,833 23.5%
03615Ladang 7 65 16,780 20.9%
03616Batu Buruk 11 88 23,987 29.9%
036Kuala Terengganu 38 336 80,229 100.0%

Table B shows the voter counts under each voting district (DM, Daerah Mengundi):
  • These voter counts will be determine the crowd and traffic jam at the voting centers on voting day. Kampung Paluh, eg, should be pretty crowded. A further study of the TMs will show that Seberang Baruh and Tok Ku are using the same school as TM, and will have over 3,000 voters as well.
  • There are 7 to 11 DMs under each of the 4 DUNs at KT, totalling 38 DMs.
  • Most DMs contain one to three thousand voters.
  • The largest DMs are Kampung Paluh (0361302) with 3,747 voters, and Gong Kapas (0361504) with 3,362 voters.
  • The smallest DM is Pantai Batu Buruk (0361601) with 981 voters.
Table B: Voter Count By Voting District (Daerah Mengundi, DM)
KT P036 2008 Dec 5

KodlokalitiNamaDUNNamaDMVoters% of DUN% of KT
0361301Wakaf MempelamPulau Rusa 1,876 9.1%2.3%
0361302Wakaf MempelamKampung Paluh 3,747 18.2%4.7%
0361303Wakaf MempelamLosong Datok Amar 1,098 5.3%1.4%
0361304Wakaf MempelamLosong Penglima Perang 1,639 7.9%2.0%
0361305Wakaf MempelamLosong Hj Mat Shafie 1,590 7.7%2.0%
0361306Wakaf MempelamSeberang Baruh 1,238 6.0%1.5%
0361307Wakaf MempelamWakaf Beruas 1,003 4.9%1.3%
0361308Wakaf MempelamMerbau Patah 2,068 10.0%2.6%
0361309Wakaf MempelamDurian Burung 1,843 8.9%2.3%
0361310Wakaf MempelamSungai Rengas 2,042 9.9%2.5%
0361311Wakaf MempelamWakaf Mempelam 2,485 12.0%3.1%
03613Wakaf MempelamSubtotal 20,629 100.0%25.7%


0361401BandarTok Ku 2,120 11.3%2.6%
0361402BandarCabang Tiga 1,478 7.8%1.8%
0361403BandarHiliran Masjid 1,411 7.5%1.8%
0361404BandarLosong Masjid 1,074 5.7%1.3%
0361405BandarPulau Kambing 3,142 16.7%3.9%
0361406BandarKampung Cina 2,629 14.0%3.3%
0361407BandarPejabat Bandaran 2,314 12.3%2.9%
0361408BandarPaya Bunga 2,516 13.4%3.1%
0361409BandarPantai Terengganu 2,149 11.4%2.7%
03614BandarSubtotal 18,833 100.0%23.5%


0361501LadangLadang 2,583 15.4%3.2%
0361502LadangMengadang Akar 2,570 15.3%3.2%
0361503LadangBatas Baru 1,761 10.5%2.2%
0361504LadangGong Kapas 3,362 20.0%4.2%
0361505LadangPasir Panjang 3,102 18.5%3.9%
0361506LadangBukit Bayas 1,553 9.3%1.9%
0361507LadangBukit Besar 1,849 11.0%2.3%
03615LadangSubtotal 16,780 100.0%20.9%


0361601Batu BurukPantai Batu Buruk 981 4.1%1.2%
0361602Batu BurukKampung Nibung 2,166 9.0%2.7%
0361603Batu BurukGong Tok Nasek 3,214 13.4%4.0%
0361604Batu BurukBukit Depu 1,792 7.5%2.2%
0361605Batu BurukKuala Ibai 2,117 8.8%2.6%
0361606Batu BurukCendering Pantai 3,136 13.1%3.9%
0361607Batu BurukCendering 1,817 7.6%2.3%
0361608Batu BurukTaman Permint Jaya 1,714 7.1%2.1%
0361609Batu BurukMengabang Tengah 1,829 7.6%2.3%
0361610Batu BurukKampung Kolam 2,676 11.2%3.3%
0361611Batu BurukKenanga 2,545 10.6%3.2%
03616Batu BurukSubtotal 23,987 100.0%29.9%

036Kuala TerengganuTotal 80,229

Organizing Electoral Monitoring:
  • Election monitoring includes electoral roll verification, election campaign monitoring, and election day observation.
  • Because there is no state-level election, there is less need to split into 4 teams according to the DUN divisions, except to help management and decentralization.
  • The 38 DMs involve 36 TMs (Tempat Mengundi, voting station) because 2 pairs of DMs are sharing TMs.
  • This means there need to be 36 to 38 sets or sub-teams of field observers / leaders / documentation supports, to monitor the 36 voting stations.
  • We will list the TMs in the next blog entry

Table C selectively shows the largest and smallest localities by voter counts:
  • The large localities will require more manpower for field verification and campaign monitoring.
  • A locality is a street address, a village (kampung) address, or a postal address, such as a police quarters, army camp, or absentee voter location.
  • Most of KT's localities turn out to be the less specific village addresses (rather than the specific street address that would have helped voter verification).
  • The size of localities in KT turns out to be highly uneven.
  • There are whopper-size localities of 2,812 and 2,143 voters.
  • There are also a couple of single-voter localities, such as Kg. Bukit Keledang and Kg Losong Wan Endut, after we exclude police and absentee postal voter localities.
  • See this write-up for more discussion on very large and very small localities in GE12 electoral roll.
Table C: Largest and Smallest Localities By Voter Count
Kula Terengganu P036 as of 2008 Dec 5

KodlokalitiNamaDUNNamaDMNamaLokalitiVoter Count
Most …voters …
0361505002LadangPasir PanjangKg Pasir Panjang 2,812
0361603001Batu BurukGong Tok NasekKg Gong Tok Nasek 2,143
0361605002Batu BurukKuala IbaiKg Kuala Ibai 2,046
0361609001Batu BurukMengabang TengahKg Mengabang Tengah 1,829
0361507001LadangBukit BesarKg Bukit Besar 1,595
0361301002Wakaf MempelamPulau RusaKg Pulau Rusa 1,578
0361602001Batu BurukKampung NibungKg Nibung 1,514
0361305002Wakaf MempelamLosong Hj Mat ShafieKg Losong Hj Mat Shafie 1,428
0361309003Wakaf MempelamDurian BurungKg. Durian Burung 1,309
0361306001Wakaf MempelamSeberang BaruhKg. Seberang Baruh 1,238
0361606008Batu BurukCendering PantaiKg Pantai Pendek 1,133
0361603002Batu BurukGong Tok NasekKg Gong Pak Maseh 1,071
0361608001Batu BurukTaman Permint JayaTaman Permint Jaya 1,038
0361302012Wakaf MempelamKampung PaluhKg Kuala Bekah 998
0361310004Wakaf MempelamSungai RengasKg Sungai Rengas 923
0361406005BandarKampung CinaKg. China 903
0361405002BandarPulau KambingKg. Bandar Baru 901
0361304009Wakaf MempelamLosong Penglima PerangKg Losong Penglima Perang 887
0361311011Wakaf MempelamWakaf MempelamKg Wakaf Mempelam 876
0361607001Batu BurukCenderingKg Raja Barang 865
0361308001Wakaf MempelamMerbau PatahKg Merbau Patah 853
0361401002BandarTok KuKg Tok Ku 840
0361504001LadangGong KapasKg. Gong Kapas 810
0361504002LadangGong KapasJln. Panji Alam 799
0361610007Batu BurukKampung KolamKg Teluk Tok Adis 739
0361407017BandarPejabat BandaranJln. Bandar 738
0361308002Wakaf MempelamMerbau PatahKg Kubang Parit 735
0361503004LadangBatas BaruKg. Batas Baru 727
0361504006LadangGong KapasKg. Bukit Kecil 726
0361610005Batu BurukKampung KolamKg Kolam 698
0361403002BandarHiliran MasjidKg. Hiliran Masjid 695
0361402003BandarCabang TigaKg. Cabang Tiga 647
0361602002Batu BurukKampung NibungJln Panji Alam 643
0361608002Batu BurukTaman Permint JayaKg Kubang Ikan 642
0361604001Batu BurukBukit DepuKg Bukit Depu 634
0361404003BandarLosong MasjidKg. Losong Masjid 614
0361606001Batu BurukCendering PantaiKg Batu 6 Cendering 614
0361611002Batu BurukKenangaKg. Batu Buruk 608
0361401005BandarTok KuKg Tok Kaya 567
0361310005Wakaf MempelamSungai RengasKg Pulau Musang 566
0361611005Batu BurukKenangaJln Sultan Mahmud 545
0361611007Batu BurukKenangaJln Kenanga 527
0361501004LadangLadangKg Ladang Sekolah 517
0361307004Wakaf MempelamWakaf BeruasKg Wakaf Beruas 501
0361506002LadangBukit BayasKg Bukit Bayas 501
0361501007LadangLadangKg Ladang Titian 480
0361308003Wakaf MempelamMerbau PatahKg Panji 468
0361503003LadangBatas BaruJln. Air Jernih 456
0361610004Batu BurukKampung KolamKg Gong Kemunting 448
0361504003LadangGong KapasJln. Kamaruddin 445
0361302002Wakaf MempelamKampung PaluhKg Paluh 441
0361311008Wakaf MempelamWakaf MempelamKg. Gelugur Raja 441
0361506001LadangBukit BayasKg. Gelung Bilal 422
0361607002Batu BurukCenderingKg Raja 422
0361604003Batu BurukBukit DepuKg. Masjid Hj. Kadir 421
0361302018Wakaf MempelamKampung PaluhKg Paluh Sungai Kiat 420
0361506005LadangBukit BayasKg Sungai Derhaka 420
0361408003BandarPaya BungaJln. Petani 418
0361502702LadangMengadang AkarIpd Kuala Terengganu 413
0361502007LadangMengadang AkarJln. Tekukur 403
0361402004BandarCabang TigaKg Losong Hj. Su 398
0361601004Batu BurukPantai Batu BurukKg. Pantai Batu Buruk 387
0361409012BandarPantai TerengganuKg. Tanjung Nisan Empat 379
0361502002LadangMengadang AkarKg Ladang Sahat 375
0361405017BandarPulau KambingFlat Padang Hiliran 374
0361406001BandarKampung CinaJln. Banggul 372
0361309001Wakaf MempelamDurian BurungKg. Bukit Kubang Jambu 368
0361406007BandarKampung CinaKg. Tiung 368
0361503701LadangBatas BaruPsp Kuala Terengganu 365
0361604006Batu BurukBukit DepuRumah Pangsa Gelung Bilal 361
0361406006BandarKampung CinaKg Kota Lama 357
0361401004BandarTok KuKg. Simpang Tok Ku 354
0361311010Wakaf MempelamWakaf MempelamKg Tok Jamal 348
0361406003BandarKampung CinaJln Sultan Ismail 345
0361310001Wakaf MempelamSungai RengasKg Kubang Tangga 345
0361606015Batu BurukCendering PantaiKg Simpang Empat 345
0361409001BandarPantai TerengganuJln. Sultan Zainal Abidin 340
0361611004Batu BurukKenangaKg. Masjid Batu Buruk 338
0361404006BandarLosong MasjidKg Losong Hj Mohd 338
0361405016BandarPulau KambingJln. Hiliran 333
0361502003LadangMengadang AkarJln. Sultan Omar 333
0361303007Wakaf MempelamLosong Datok AmarKg. Losong Datok Amar 330
0361409013BandarPantai TerengganuKg. Tanjung Paya 328
0361501008LadangLadangKg Ladang Tok Pelam 324
0361307002Wakaf MempelamWakaf BeruasKg Melintang 318
0361402005BandarCabang TigaKg. Kubang Buyung 313
0361303001Wakaf MempelamLosong Datok AmarKg Losong Atap Zing 312
0361502009LadangMengadang AkarJln. Pusara 304
0361403004BandarHiliran MasjidJln. Hiliran 304
0361405011BandarPulau KambingKg Padang Hiliran 298
0361611009Batu BurukKenangaJln Hj Da 297
0361408012BandarPaya BungaKg Paya Bunga 278
0361606010Batu BurukCendering PantaiKg Pengkalan Raja Wali 276
0361505003LadangPasir PanjangKg. Masjid Hj. Kadir 276
0361405001BandarPulau KambingKg. Balik Bukit 274
0361304004Wakaf MempelamLosong Penglima PerangKg Losong Megat Hussin 273
0361405012BandarPulau KambingKg. Pulau Kambing 264
0361504010LadangGong KapasFlat Bukit Kecil 258
0361501003LadangLadangKg Ladang Mengabang 257
0361408006BandarPaya BungaJln Tok Lam 257
0361407018BandarPejabat BandaranJln. Banggul 254
0361401003BandarTok KuT Lot Makam Lama 249
0361311006Wakaf MempelamWakaf MempelamKg. Teluk Paku 249
0361302008Wakaf MempelamKampung PaluhKg Paluh Tuan Sulong 247
0361302014Wakaf MempelamKampung PaluhKg Bukit Kubang Jambu 245
0361302003Wakaf MempelamKampung PaluhKg Paluh Tok Ku 242
0361610010Batu BurukKampung KolamTaman Purnama 236
0361311004Wakaf MempelamWakaf MempelamKg. Pak Pa 231
0361408010BandarPaya BungaKg Kolam 231
0361311009Wakaf MempelamWakaf MempelamKg Gong Pauh 229
0361302004Wakaf MempelamKampung PaluhKg Paluh Hj Daud 219
0361501005LadangLadangKg. Tanjung Kapur 219
0361303003Wakaf MempelamLosong Datok AmarKg Losong Ferry 218
0361604002Batu BurukBukit DepuKg. Gelung Gajah 218
0361408005BandarPaya BungaJln Sultan Ismail 212
0361611001Batu BurukKenangaJln. Kamaruddin 206
0361405010BandarPulau KambingKg Dusun Melintang 206
0361407005BandarPejabat BandaranJln. Tok Lam 205
0361304002Wakaf MempelamLosong Penglima PerangKg Losong Hj Awang 198
KodlokalitiNamaDUNNamaDMNamaLokalitiVoter Count
Fewest …voters …
0361610013Batu BurukKampung KolamTaman Ibai Indah Golf Resort 5
0361311005Wakaf MempelamWakaf MempelamKg. Pak Nik 4
0361301001Wakaf MempelamPulau RusaKg Pulau Wau 4
0361407009BandarPejabat BandaranKg. Datok 4
0361303006Wakaf MempelamLosong Datok AmarKg Losong Tepas 4
0361606013Batu BurukCendering PantaiKg Nyiur Cabang 4
0361611006Batu BurukKenangaKg. Nyiur Sepohon 4
0361501701LadangLadangPolis 4
0361606023Batu BurukCendering PantaiTaman Bukit Cendering 3
0361606014Batu BurukCendering PantaiPadang Kapas 3
0361607009Batu BurukCenderingTaman Chendering Utama 2
0361405015BandarPulau KambingPusat Pemulihan Wanita 2
0361611801Batu BurukKenangaPemilih Tak Hadir 2
0361402701BandarCabang TigaBalai Polis Cabang Tiga 2
0361405005BandarPulau KambingEastern Sawmill P Kambing 2
0361406701BandarKampung CinaPolis 2
0361409701BandarPantai TerengganuPolis 2
0361405003BandarPulau KambingKg. Bukit Angin 2
0361407701BandarPejabat BandaranPolis 2
0361402006BandarCabang TigaKg Losong Che Mat 2
0361504008LadangGong KapasKg. Alur Besar 2
0361610012Batu BurukKampung KolamTaman Seri Bayu 2
0361311701Wakaf MempelamWakaf MempelamPolis 1
0361507801LadangBukit BesarPemilih Tak Hadir 1
0361303701Wakaf MempelamLosong Datok AmarPolis 1
0361405004BandarPulau KambingKg. Bukit Keledang 1
0361405801BandarPulau KambingPemilih Tak Hadir 1
0361610701Batu BurukKampung KolamPolis 1
0361304007Wakaf MempelamLosong Penglima PerangKg Losong Wan Endut 1
0361403701BandarHiliran MasjidPolis 1
0361503801LadangBatas BaruPemilih Tak Hadir 1
0361602801Batu BurukKampung NibungPemilih Tak Hadir 1
0361607701Batu BurukCenderingPolis 1
0361504801LadangGong KapasPemilih Tak Hadir 1

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