What's the rush to use the undisplayed, unverified, ungazetted July 31 electoral roll?

Why is SPR using the July 31 electoral roll that has never been displayed for voters to verify, and has not been gazetted, for the Permatang Pauh by-election, when even the earlier June 30 roll has not yet been gazetted?

Less than two weeks ago in late July, SPR displayed the supplemental rolls with data updated to Jun 30 (2008Q2). But even this roll has yet not been gazetted. On SPR's site at http://daftarj.spr.gov.my/daftarj/, what you see as of today is the electoral roll with data only updated to Mar 31 (2008Q1) gazetted as of June 19.

So now SPR is skipping the ungazetted 2008 Jun 30 data to use Jul 31 data? What's the rush to use an undisplayed, unverified, ungazetted electoral roll?
Following is Bernama report on the electoral roll:

Permatang Pauh Voters Urged To Check Updated Electoral Roll
August 06, 2008 18:27 PM

PENANG, Aug 6 (Bernama) -- The Election Commission (EC) will be using electoral roll updated until July 31 for the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-election on Aug 26.

State deputy director Ilyani Farha Mohammad urged voters in Permatang Pauh to check the electoral roll via its website http://www.spr.gov.my.

"In the March 8 general election, Permatang Pauh parliamentary had 58,449 voters, increasing to 58,459, after it was updated on July 31," she told Bernama here today.

EC also set up 28 polling centres for the last general election.

Ilyani said for the coming Permatang Pauh by-election,
there will be two changes to the polling centres.

The one at Maktab Adabi, Jalan Abdul Kadir will be changed to Sekolah Rendah Islam Al-Masriyah, Jalan Abdul Kadir while the one at Dewan Kelas (KAFA) Kampung Tun Sardon, Ara Kuda will be changed to Dewan Orang Ramai, Kampung Tun Sardon.

"We urge the public to take note of these changes and will be putting up notices soon," she said.

Maktab Perguruan Tuanku Bainun will be retained as the nomination and ballot counting centre.

Ilyani said the state EC office was making preparations for the by-election and will be using the equipments used during the March 8 general election.

EC has fixed Aug 16 as the nomination day and Aug 26 as polling day for the Permatang Pauh by-election.


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