MAFREL Permatang Pauh Wants You

MAFREL, Malaysian for Free and Fair Election, a non-partisan NGO now has 84 volunteers, but is still looking for at least another 70 volunteers.

MAFREL's contact information for Northern Region and Permatang Pauh operating centre are:

Here's an announcement from Ong:

Halo folks!

Volunteers reach 84 tonight!

There are non stop people coming here to join as volunteer of MAFREL today -the final count is 84 members! But don't think that this is the ceiling/peak already-Cikgu Alisa has the ambitious target of 150 members ie 5 for each voting centre (28 in all)! So please get your friends to join in this fastest growing NGO!

Welcome to Christopher-1st f/time volunteer!

The MAFREL Ops Centre welcome a f/timer from Ipoh, Christopher. He is waiting for a job interview for his study vacation. He has been able to help out on many things -computer, photography etc. If there are others who are interested please contact us ASAP! There has been enquiries from volunteers from KL and Sarawak-hopefully 1 or 2 more will join us soon!

Training for Polling Day: Wed (Aug 20) 9pm, MAFREL's Operation Centre

Since there are many new and old folks among the volunteers the Polling Day Coordinator Cikgu Aliasa plan to hold a training for Polling Day this coming Wed. Please pass the words around! We are campaigning for free and fair elections while the candidates campaign for office! Cikgu Alisa also get lots of input from Dr Halim, who is the Kelantan MAFREL Regional Director, who dropped in for 2 days and will be back Friday. He did provide inspirational influences to all around! Not only intangible influences-he also brought along another doctor from Seberang Jaya Hospital, and also his brother in law to join as volunteers! What a good help and inspiration!

Campaign observation in full swing!

Volunteers who come to do campaign observation in various ceramahs are growing-though we still cannot cover all the campaign functions. So we went round to all party operation centres in Seberang jaya to distribute a MAFREL card so that they will alert us to their complaints and give us their versions of it/them. We look forward to more complaints from now on!

The Daily Election Index is also attracting media attention-with 2 papers enquiing today. With such publicity we/our complaint channel will be getting popular soon! So please join us in the campaign obs team-especially if you are already going to ceramahs-why not send us election offences you witness or offences where you manage to take a snapshot or 2?

That's all-see you folks!

Ong BK

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