Understanding Permatang Pauh P044 (updated 19/8/08)

This post links to basic data and maps for Permatang Pauh (and the specific voter numbers have been updated to reflect the official electoral roll).

Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency (P044) is a large seat in the middle of Seberang Prai, stretching from roughly east of the north-south express way to the Kedah border. It contains 58,459 voters.

For voting history, including parliamentary and state seat candidates, voter racial background, and voting results, from 2004 and 2008, please see Undi.info at:

The constituency delineation maps are originally from Undi.info, at

State Assembly Seat Breakdown

The official electoral roll we obtain on 15/8/08, with data as of 2008 Jul 31 for P044 contains three state assembly seats, or DUN, (N10, N11, and N12) and these number of voters each:
Parl /
NamaDUN Voter
044/10 Seberang Jaya 22,790
044/11 Permatang Pasir 20,289
044/12 Penanti 15,380

Total 58,459

WikiMapia.org Satellite and Map

Click for a larger image on a new window. Permatang Pauh is roughly east of PLUS and west of the Kedah border, in the middle section.

You can help out by marking all the schools at WikiMapia.org that will be used as voting stations, so that volunteers can find them more easily.

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