463 Penanti Voters Without House Numbers

Three percent of voters in Penanti are registered without specific house number. This rate is much lower than the nationwide rate of 1/3 without house numbers, but is higher than the Permantang Pauh average of 1.8%.

Some may consider Penanti (P044N12) relatively boring because:

Table A shows that:
  • The highest rate of voters without house number in Penanti are in DMs of Mengkuang (6.4%) and Telok Wang (5.5%).
  • The lowest rates are in DMs Tanah Liat Mukim 9 and Berapit Road.
  • In total, there are 463 voters without house number, and about 1/4 are in Mengkuang DM.

Table A: P044 Permatang Pauh N12 Penanti 20090416 By-Election Roll
Non-Postal Voters with Blank House Number Grouped By Voting Districts (DM)
Parl/DUN/DMNamaDUNNamaDMCount of voters
without house number
Total VotersPercent
044/12/04PenantiMengkuang 121 1,9016.4%
044/12/03PenantiTelok Wang 33 5995.5%
044/12/01PenantiGuar Perahu 99 1,9135.2%
044/12/06PenantiPenanti 51 1,0544.8%
044/12/07PenantiKubang Ulu 46 1,3893.3%
044/12/02PenantiKuala Mengkuang 61 2,7642.2%
044/12/08PenantiSungai Semambu 20 1,8591.1%
044/12/05PenantiSungai Lembu 5 5071.0%
044/12/09PenantiTanah Liat Mukim 9 18 1,9190.9%
044/12/10PenantiBerapit Road 9 1,4550.6%

463 15,3603.0%
Postal voters



Table B shows that:
  • For example, 45 voters are registered without house number at 044/12/07/001 or Permatang Pauh / Penanti / Kubang Ulu / Kubang Ulu Mk 20.
  • Such cases are less extreme than other places, such as Bukit Selambau, which has 20% and many addresses without house numbers but with over 300 voters in each.
Table B: P044 Permatang Pauh N12 Penanti 20090416 By-Election Roll
Localities with the most number of voters registered WITHOUT House Number (NoRumah)
Voter countparl/DUN /DM /lokalitiN12 Penanti NamaDMNamaLokalitiNoRumah Cleaned
45044/12/07/001Kubang UluKubang Ulu Mk 20
38044/12/04/006MengkuangMengkuang Titi Mk 19
31044/12/06/005PenantiPondok Penanti Mk 20
31044/12/04/003MengkuangMengkuang Mk 19
29044/12/02/002Kuala MengkuangMk 20 Kuala Mengkuang
22044/12/01/004Guar PerahuKampong Terus Mk 21
21044/12/01/002Guar PerahuMk 21 Guar Jering B M
20044/12/01/006Guar PerahuMk 21 Padang Ibu
17044/12/02/003Kuala MengkuangMk 20 Mengkuang Mak Sulong
15044/12/01/003Guar PerahuMk 21 Guar Perahu B M

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