Sibu by-election roll: 1507 voters in the same locality

We found 1507 voters "living at the same address" in Sibu, because SPR apparently drops detailed address information from the electoral roll. This hampers election monitoring, confirms that the SPR does not register voters by their exact IC addresses, thereby possibly introducing another layer of human mistakes in its database.

Table A shows
that in Sibu (P212)'s by-Election Roll Dated 20100409:
  • Many voters live in large "virtual" addresses (NamaLokaliti+NoRumah cleaned) with 15+ voters.
  • The numbers go as high as 1507 per virtual address, because of the lack of NoRumah, that causes voters to be lumped into large "localities" (the closest information relating to street address).
  • We found 12 localities where 323 or more voters are without exact house addresses.
  • Although Sarawak contains many long house addresses which contain no street address numbers, there should be door numbers to the long houses.
  • Further, another of our analysis later will show that SPR has most likely not adhered to IC address in its allocation and reallocation (moving) of voters across "voting localities"
Table A: Up to 1,507 voters live in the same "virtual big houses" - or NoRumah+NamaLokaliti
Note: DUN 47 is Bawang Assan; 48 is Pelawan; DUN 49 is Nangka
Voter countKodlokalitiNamaDMNamaLokalitiNoRumah Cleaned
1507212/48/03/001Sungai MerahSg Merah Rd[blank]
961212/47/10/003EngkiloSg Bidut(South)[blank]
628212/49/03/004TekuSg Teku[blank]
422212/48/11/001Oya LaneOya Road[blank]
396212/47/05/001Ma`AwMa'Aw Btg Rejang[blank]
379212/49/03/002TekuSg Bidut(North)[blank]
345212/47/05/002Ma`AwSg Pradom(1)Btg Rejang[blank]
337212/48/01/001Rajang ParkRajang Park[blank]
323212/48/05/001Bahagia JayaTeku Rd[blank]

Table B shows that:
  • 12 out of 30 voting districts (Daerah Mengundi, DM) in Sibu contain 90% or more voters living in addresses without house number (blank NoRumah data),
  • 14 out of 30 DMs contain 50%+ voters without house number,
  • However, the average for the whole of Sibu (P212) is that 39% of voters are registered without house number, which is not far above the national average of about 1/3, possibly due to the other parts of Sibu being urbanized.
Table B: P212 Sibu By-Election Roll Dated 20100409
Percentage of Voters with Blank No. Rumah, Broken Down By DM
Parl/DUN/DMNamaDUNNamaDM Blank_NoRumah Total_VotersPercent
212/47/08BAWANG ASSANENSURAI 182 182100.0%
212/47/06BAWANG ASSANSELALO 254 25699.2%
212/47/01BAWANG ASSANRASSAU 2,313 2,33599.1%
212/47/09BAWANG ASSANLAN 586 59498.7%
212/47/10BAWANG ASSANENGKILO 1,601 1,62398.6%
212/47/03BAWANG ASSANBAWANG ASSAN 1,642 1,66698.6%
212/47/04BAWANG ASSANKUNYIT 364 37098.4%
212/47/05BAWANG ASSANMA`AW 741 75498.3%
212/47/07BAWANG ASSANDASSAN 1,073 1,09797.8%
212/47/02BAWANG ASSANPENASU 1,856 1,89897.8%
212/49/05NANGKATANGGI 277 28497.5%
212/49/03NANGKATEKU 1,091 1,17992.5%
212/49/04NANGKASEDUAN 1,815 2,40775.4%
212/48/03PELAWANSUNGAI MERAH 1,507 3,00050.2%
212/48/06PELAWANDISA 228 72431.5%
212/47/11BAWANG ASSANLOWER ISLAND 592 2,32625.5%
212/48/11PELAWANOYA LANE 545 2,33323.4%
212/47/12BAWANG ASSANUPPER ISLAND 309 1,34223.0%
212/47/13BAWANG ASSANTANAH MAS 356 1,67321.3%
212/48/05PELAWANBAHAGIA JAYA 433 2,24919.3%
212/49/01NANGKADATU NYABOR 302 1,65418.3%
212/49/06NANGKARACE COURSE 245 1,47216.6%
212/48/04PELAWANBANDONG 430 2,84415.1%
212/48/07PELAWANSUNGAI ANTU 183 1,26714.4%
212/48/02PELAWANPELAWAN 313 2,89210.8%
212/48/01PELAWANRAJANG PARK 337 3,4849.7%
212/49/02NANGKAILIR NANGKA 308 3,4488.9%
212/48/08PELAWANGAMBIR 286 3,3338.6%
212/48/10PELAWANMERDEKA 184 2,6257.0%
212/48/09PELAWANCAMAR 27 8473.2%
Total non-postal voters 20,380 52,15839.1%
Postal voters 2,537
Total voters 54,695

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