Sibu: 13 thousand voters were moved to new voting centers

In Sibu, we found 12,981, or 24% of, voters who have been moved to new voting centers since GE12, even though most of them have stayed in the same addresses. This is similar in pattern and scale as we have discovered in Hulu Selangor. Do these voters know they need to go to a different place to vote? Can they rush to their new voting centers on by-election day from their familiar old voting centers, in some hilly and riverine areas of Sibu Sarawak?

The list below summarizes all 19,060 changes in Sibu's electoral rolls, between GE12 of 2008 (data gazetted 2008 Feb 5) and this by-election (data dated 2010 April 9). There have been:
  • 1,792 deleted voters: Their IC and names appeared in 20080205 electoral roll, but no longer in 20100409 version. They have been deleted for various reasons, mainly moving out and deaths.
  • 2,831 added voters: Their names newly appear in the 20100409 by-election roll, but had not appeared in 20080205 version. They have been added for reasons such as new registration and moving in.
  • 12,981 voters were moved to new voting centers within Sibu. This many pairs of same ICs and same names have been assigned to different voting centers (pusat mengundi), even though most have remained in the SAME localities (, ie, they have not moved address). See Table A.
  • 45 voters with similar names to one other voters, but different ICs. These are likely genuine additions (20100409) and deletions (20080205). But it is a bit strange that a 50,000-or-so-voter constituency has so many coincidences of same name and different IC changes.
  • SPR correctioins? 31 voters with same (paired) names and same (paired) old IC, but different new IC! Apparently SPR corrected IC mistakes in these cases. But how could new IC mistakes be so numerous? That is, they involve about 1/2000 outright IC errors? How did the old IC errors come about when they look nothing like the corrected ones (eg, 621230135595 > 620916136133 and 640316525002 > 640416136004)? See Table B.
  • 1380 Changes to Postal (Army and Police) voters: Most of these involve only pairs of IC format change, eg, R0071629 > RF71629. This is confusing, but not a concern.
    • The above changes total 19,060 cases.

    Table A shows 10 example of voters moved across voting centers (pusat mengundi):
    • Each of the 10 pairs appear in the 20080205 and 20100409 dated electoral rolls,
    • Each pair are identified by their same ICs and Nama (we have hidden the names to reduce privacy exposure, but they can be checked on SPR websites.)
    • The vast majority of them remain in the same Kodlokaliti, NamaLokaliti, NamaDM (daerah mengundi or voting district), and the same state seat,
    • But their voting center (pusat mengundi, or TM inside SPR database) have been changed by SPR.
    • There are 12,981 such cases (pairs of name-IC) when we compared the GE12 and this by-election electoral rolls.
    • It appears these voters have not moved houses. The SPR simply re-assign them new voting centers.
    • We hope SPR has made enough public announcement such the these 13 thousand voters can find their new voting centers.
    Table A: 10 example of voters (by pairs of ICs and Names) moved to new voting center.
    data dateNoSiriICKodlokalitiNamaLokalitiNamaDMNamaDUNTM
    200802051195001091350662124710002Engkilo(2)EngkiloBawang AssanSJK Ting Sing
    201004091115001091350662124710002Engkilo(2)EngkiloBawang AssanSJK Ying Kwong
    200802053595001121351042124802005Meritan RoadPelawanPelawanSMK Tung Hua Jalan Tun Openg Sibu
    201004093555001121351042124802005Meritan RoadPelawanPelawanSJK (C) Tung Hua Jalan Tun Openg Sibu
    200802051425001141351082124707002Engkilo(1)DassanBawang AssanSMK Kwong Hua Sadit
    201004091295001141351082124707002Engkilo(1)DassanBawang AssanSJK Do Nang
    200802051205001141351832124903002Sg Bidut(North)TekuNangkaSJK Kiang Hin Teku
    201004091095001141351832124903002Sg Bidut(North)TekuNangkaSJK Guong Ming Sungai Bidut
    200802051435001151350542124707002Engkilo(1)DassanBawang AssanSMK Kwong Hua Sadit
    201004091305001151350542124707002Engkilo(1)DassanBawang AssanSJK Do Nang
    200802051235001151351422124701012Rh Limbut Sg Rasau Btg IganRassauBawang AssanSK Nanga Tutus
    201004091115001151351422124701012Rh Juan Sg Rasau Btg IganRassauBawang AssanSK Sungai Rassau
    200802051435001151353882124703014Rh UnggahBawang AssanBawang AssanSrdc Indoor Badminton Court Bawang Assan
    201004091265001151353882124703014Rh UnjahBawang AssanBawang AssanSK Tanjung Bekakap
    200802052815001171351702124904015Kg. Jeriah 6 1/2 Mile Oya Rd.SeduanNangkaSJK (C) Dung Sang Batu 2 1/2 Jalan Oya
    201004092645001171351702124904015Kg. Jeriah 6 1/2 Mile Oya Rd.SeduanNangkaSK Ulu Sungai Merah Batu 8 1/2 Jalan Oya
    20080205795001171352692124704004Sbg Ensurai Btg RejangKunyitBawang AssanSJK Chau Su
    20100409735001171352692124704004Sbg Ensurai Btg RejangKunyitBawang AssanSJK Kai Nang Seberang Ensurai
    200802052825001191352542124904015Kg. Jeriah 6 1/2 Mile Oya Rd.SeduanNangkaSJK (C) Dung Sang Batu 2 1/2 Jalan Oya
    201004092655001191352542124904015Kg. Jeriah 6 1/2 Mile Oya Rd.SeduanNangkaSK Ulu Sungai Merah Batu 8 1/2 Jalan Oya

    Table B shows that SPR has apparently corrected/changed IC number for 31 voters (31 pairs of entries in the 2008 and 2010 electoral rolls) in Sibu. Each pair of data show each of these voters:
    • stayed in the same place (judging by their Kodlokaliti and all locality information),
    • born in the same year (pairs of Tahunlahir),
    • kept the same old IC numbers (pairs of ICLama),
    • have the same names (we have abbreviated the names here to minimize privacy exposure, but you can check the new info on SPR website (before the by-election http://daftarj.spr.gov.my/prk212sibu/prayakecil.aspx, and after http://daftarj.spr.gov.my/daftarj/daftar.aspx).
    • For example, voter GAEJ with ICLama of K0025775 was registered with a previous IC number of 621230135595, and now with 620916136133.
    • It means SPR was probably correcting IC number registration mistakes. But is is odd to have about 1/2000 cases of such blatant errors of completely different corrected IC numbers.
    Table B: SPR corrections. New, New, ICs for 31 voters, who have kept the same names, same old IC numbers, and stayed in the same place
    data dateICICLamaAbbreviated
    20080205621230135595K0025775GAEJ2124701013Rh Nangkai Pasai Besar1962
    20100409620916136133K0025775GAEJ2124701013Rh Sebastian Unggoh Pasai Besar1962
    20080205640316525002K0046386LLY2124808001Gambir Rd1964
    20100409640416136004K0046386LLY2124808001Gambir Rd1964
    20080205640928135427K0138142CBL2124808003Lim Ham Swee Rd1964
    20100409640928135734K0138142CBL2124808003Lim Ham Swee Rd1964
    20080205600703135614K0140597NLH2124713001Cross Rd1960
    20100409660703136064K0140597NLH2124713001Cross Rd1960
    20080205721007135558K0314912CHL2124805001Teku Rd1972
    20100409721005136004K0314912CHL2124805001Teku Rd1972
    20080205730821135418K0341883TEH2124809002Jln Camar1973
    20100409730831136270K0341883TEH2124809002Jln Camar1973
    20080205760505135579K0380401STY2124804005Kelapa Road1976
    20100409760305136251K0380401STY2124804005Kelapa Road1976
    20080205720316135805K0384633ANCW2124806003Jalan Ding Lik Kong1972
    20100409760316135713K0384633ANCW2124806003Jalan Ding Lik Kong1972
    20080205770511135603K0386854WJS2124811001Oya Road1977
    20100409770811135795K0386854WJS2124811001Oya Road1977
    20080205520613135661K127968WHT2124906012Race Course(Sudc)1952
    20100409520618135601K127968WHT2124906012Race Course(Sudc)1952
    20080205490620135649K134745OST@OST2124803001Sg Merah Rd1949
    20100409470620135691K134745OST@OST2124803001Sg Merah Rd1949
    20080205520102135045K137315SBS2124902006Kg Hilir(Sudc)1952
    20100409500102135725K137315SBS2124902006Kg Hilir(Sudc)1952
    20080205250310135157K138827LKD2124906021Delta Estate1925
    20100409250310745019K138827LKD2124906021Delta Estate1925
    20080205541019135557K307896TKH2124712002Central Rd1954
    20100409540819135905K307896TKH2124712002Central Rd1954
    20080205490419135161K320410LNT2124810003Merdeka Road1949
    20100409490419135348K320410LNT2124810003Merdeka Road1949
    20080205581231135737K329877SAL2124904004Rh Ijau Ulu Sg Merah1958
    20100409381231136741K329877SAL2124904004Rh Dick Ulu Sg Merah1958
    20080205450908135473K346119LSC2124705001Ma'Aw Btg Rejang1945
    20100409450908135430K346119LSC2124705001Ma'Aw Btg Rejang1945
    20080205420711135296K346273YLH2124703009Lwr Bkt Lan(Bwg Assan)1942
    20100409420502135476K346273YLH2124703009Lwr Bkt Lan(Bwg Assan)1942
    20080205500716135148K349599UAU2124901002Kg Dato1950
    20100409501231139524K349599UAU2124901002Kg Dato1950
    20080205551221135621K590780WMAN2124904004Rh Ijau Ulu Sg Merah1955
    20100409530115135713K590780WMAN2124904004Rh Dick Ulu Sg Merah1955
    20080205560711135653K663205JAS2124703003Rh Thomas Bwgassan Btg Rejang1956
    20100409561228135957K663205JAS2124703003Rh Thomas Bwgassan Btg Rejang1956
    20080205560501135727K696770WBJ2124902012Jalan Abang Barieng1956
    20100409560801135753K696770WBJ2124902012Jalan Abang Barieng1956
    20080205561002135719K701035HSH2124904008Nang Sang Poh1956
    20100409581002136349K701035HSH2124904008Nang Sang Poh1956
    20080205600201135200K710886RAK2124702015Rh Nyala Sg Aup1960
    20100409581011135604K710886RAK2124702015Rh Jonathan Juna Sg Aup1960
    20080205591029135476K720495TLI2124801001Rajang Park1959
    20100409591020136034K720495TLI2124801001Rajang Park1959
    20080205590711135802K732868HDE2124703003Rh Thomas Bwgassan Btg Rejang1959
    20100409600319135652K732868HDE2124703003Rh Thomas Bwgassan Btg Rejang1959
    20080205610116135387K763068NEC2124904007Rh Nyambang 6 1/2 M Oya Rd1961
    20100409610216135739K763068NEC2124904007Rh Juntan 6 1/2 M Oya Rd1961
    20080205621112135180K791543LHS2124803001Sg Merah Rd1962
    20100409621112136183K791543LHS2124803001Sg Merah Rd1962
    20080205630702135599K801774SNE2124802002Au Yong Rd1963
    20100409630702135898K801774SNE2124802002Au Yong Rd1963
    20080205621007135904K803311TBO2124703003Rh Thomas Bwgassan Btg Rejang1962
    20100409620625135878K803311TBO2124703003Rh Thomas Bwgassan Btg Rejang1962

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